Do What Matters … NOW!

When we routinely kick our dreams down the road and put off doing what we truly desire or need to do, we feel paralyzed, powerless, and resentful. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Author Kel Landis is a keen observer of people and human nature. In The Little Book of DO!, he reveals the stumbling blocks to a life of doing and offers a practical methodology for deciding which pursuits to delay, which to dismiss, and which to pursue as if your life depends on it.

Using real people in real life situations, he illustrates that we have the power to transform both our circumstances and ourselves. But nothing changes unless and until we take action and do! It’s what separates those who find success, purpose, and fulfillment in life from those who don’t. Buy the book.

Little Book, BIG Purpose!

All proceeds from The Little Book of DO! are used to support the efforts of individuals doing great things. Through regularly awarded $1,000 grants, The Foundation for DO! recognizes, rewards and empowers individuals or organizations that, through selfless action, do positive high impact things for those they serve.

Do you know a group, person or startup making a big difference in your community?  Nominate them for the next “DO! Award” now!

Recent Grants Awarded

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