About the Book

Author Kel Landis has spent 30 years in banking and private equity, and a lifetime as a community leader.  An insightful observer of humanity, he’s learned why some people struggle to find success, purpose, and fulfillment, while others seem to have it all.

In The Little Book of DO!, Kel reveals that it’s not the achievement of goals that makes life rich and fulfilling, but the journey in pursuit of those goals—it’s the doing part that counts. Moreover, it demonstrates that do is the key driver of success as an action-oriented contributor in your family, workplace and community. Citing real people in real life situations, he illustrates a central premise: by doing, we become.

Kel identifies the impediments to a life of doing and offers a practical methodology for deciding which pursuits to delay, which to dismiss, and which to pursue as if your life depended on it.

Filled with practical advice, The Little Book of DO! will help you live a happier, healthier and more satisfying life. In the process, you’ll encourage and influence others to do the same.

Chapters in the book:

Chapter One—Do Now

Chapter Two—What To Do?

Chapter Three—Do For Yourself

Chapter Four—Do Be Healthy

Chapter Five—Do In Business

Chapter Six—Do For Your Community

Chapter Seven—Don’t Overdo It

Chapter Eight—Heeding The Call To Do

Chapter Nine—Do’s Biggest Foes

Chapter Ten—The Golden Rule

Chapter Eleven—Useful Tools Of Do

Chapter Twelve—Do What You Say You’ll Do

Chapter Thirteen—Yoda’s Wisdom

Chapter Fourteen—Living On

Chapter Fifteen—Do Can Be You!